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Need materials for your arena, stalls and pens?
We have materials such as decomposed granite, washed sand and arena mixes available for pick-up or delivery.
Stall Flooring
Crusher Fines (decomposed granite) is a popular choice. Bases such as decomposed granite promote drainage. These rocks have been processed into a substance finer than stones, but coarser than sand. Plain old dirt tends to pack and get hard. A floor of such hardpan, or a layer of hard subsoil or clay, offers no cushion.

Horse Arena
Sand is the most common arena footing used and it is a good shock absorber. The best sand for a riding arena is washed sand or arena mix sand. We recommend starting with about 2 inches of sand footing atop your base. Start off with a limited amount of material—2 to 3 inches. Ride on it and see how well it works.If you think that it’s too thin or patchy, then bring in more. It’s always easier to add more than to take away.

Horse Arena Mix TON
Arena Mix - Sand Clay Mixture .......................... $ 43.95

Arena Rubber 1/4”.............................................. 440.00

Arena Rubber Super Sack Availability: 2,000 pound Super Sack
Coverage : 1 ton= approximately 650 square foot @ 1.25" deep

Equestrian Applications: 1/3 rubber to 2/3 sand ratio should be used as a starting point

Rubber Mulch Available 1 - 5 Days after order is placed.
Email: alex@santafesand.com (no orders accepted via e-mail)
Brian.scott@santafesand.com (no orders accepted via e-mail)

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